Porkmeister BBQ
Nothin' Fancy... Just Good "Q"

Nothin Fancy -- Just Good "Q"
 Prices subject to change
Our Menus are simple. Get the whole package or pick and choose what you want.

1.Whole Hog                                                               2. Pig Roast Party
Just the Pig. Slow cooked & smoked to perfection.                                                              Whole stuffed Pig cooked to perfection
Served with gravy & sauce                                                                                                  Beans, Coleslaw, Potato or Pasta Salad
40 pound minimum                                                                                                              Rolls - Sauce & Garnish
                                                                                                                                          50 person minimum

3. Back Yard BBQ                                                        4. Island Luau
Pulled Pork                                                                                                                          Glazed Island Pork
Ribs                                                                                                                                    Polynesian Chicken on a Stick
Chicken                                                                                                                               Polynesian Beef on a Stick
Rolls & 3 sides                                                                                                                    Island Rice
25 person minimum                                                                                                            Kalua Pig*
                                                                                                                                          20 person Minimun

5. Holiday Office Party
Your choice of 2 meats
Pulled Pork
Chopped Brisket
Our own Smoked Ham
2 sides
10 Person Minimum

*All of our packages come with Paper Plates, Plastic Utensils Napkins & Condiments
Coleslaw                 Potato Salad
Pasta Salad             Macaroni Salad
BBQ Beans               Green Beans
Grilled Vegetables    Pickles
Corn on the Cob (in season only)
Baked Ziti

Burgers/Cheese Burgers $4.00 pp
Hotdogs $1.75 pp
Sausage (Italian or Polish) $6.50 per pound
Smoked Turkey $60.00 per Turkey (12-16lbs average)
Tossed Salad with 2 dressings $2.00 pp
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.00 pp
Vegetable Tray served with Ranch dip
Large $40.00
Small $30.00

Remember, we are very flexible with our menus. We will customize any menu just for your party. You tell us what you want, and we will cook it.
All of our party options are available for on site cooking or drop off - the choice is yours.
For Pig Roasts, we will cut the pig and tray it, or we will show you how and hand the Chef's Hat over to you to impress your guests.

We are happy to serve Bucks, Berk, Lancaster and Montgomery Counties in PA. and Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties in NJ.
Outside these areas just ask -- we might be up for a road trip!

Contact us any time!

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